Algal Outing to Mace’s Bay, New Brunswick

  • Location: Mace’s Bay, NB
  • Date: Saturday, October 3 2015
  • Lead by:  Dr. Gary Saunders, UNB
  • Focus: Algae exposed by super low tides.
  • Photos courtesy of Elizabeth Mills

This was an exceptional opportunity to learn more about the underwater / intertidal flora of the Bay of Fundy.   In addition to serving as the herbarium’s Director, Dr. Gary Saunders (website) is a research professor at UNB interested in algal evolution, sytematics and biodiversity.


New Brunswick Museum behind the scenes

A while ago we had the opportunity to visit the herbarium and natural history storage facility for the New Brunswick Museum.  I appreciated the chance to observe staff preparing and mounting plants for the herbarium, and to see the scope of their plant collections.  In addition, we were shown some fabulous fossils and study skins.